Chairperson’s Message

The Egyptian Credit Bureau "I-Score" maintains a database of credit information for SMEs and consumers. I-Score database now holds almost 100% of credit data of individuals and SMEs from commercial banks in Egypt, thus providing a clear indicator to the lending community and therefore honoring its promise of "Delivering Trust" to the financial community.

In Egypt, as in all world countries, lending is in large made possible by the existence of a National Credit Bureau.

Recognizing this fact; and lead by The Central Bank of Egypt; as an initiative to elevate the credit availing systems based on sound decisions, a group of 25 Egyptian Banks and The Social Fund for Development established Egypt's first  Credit Bureau in December 2005 under the name "The Egyptian Credit Bureau" "Estealam".

Today, The Egyptian Credit Bureau "I-Score" gained recognition as an integral component of the Egyptian Financial Community. It has proved to be an essential element of Egypt's financial infrastructure by providing products and services which assist the lenders in increasing the availability of credit while reducing credit losses.

The Egyptian Credit Bureau "I-Score" remains in constant development to provide additional services for its members and Egypt's financial community.

After attracting the membership of all Banks operating n Egypt, I-Score encourages other financial institutions and retailers to study the vast potential of the credit bureau membership, and benefit from its wide range of products and value added services.

To support I-Score continuous growth and development, I-Score has attracted the highest calibers and talents.

We appreciate and encourage receiving your innovative ideas and suggestions to further assist to develop the Egyptian Banking Sector to which we are all proud to belong.

With Kindest Regards,

Mohamed Kafafi