How can I get a copy of my credit report and Dispute the information?

Customers can visit Banks/Companies from which they received credit.

Customers can visit Banks/Companies from which they received credit and ask for their own Credit Report (Self-Inquiry Report).

A "Self-Inquiry report" request form should be filled out, and fees collected, or you can visit any of the members providing self-inquiry service.

You can then ask for correction, if needed, from I-Score branch in Alexandria - Sidi Gaber train station mall - unit no. F-40

For the ease on customers, they can request Self-Inquiry report and raise a dispute at I-Score members (Bank or Company) from which they received the Self-Inquiry report directly, and the Bank or Company will register it on the I-Score automated dispute system.

The customer should fill in the dispute details section on the Self-Inquiry form, and attach a copy of the customer National ID and any supporting documents.

In case of disputes on SME reports, along with a copy of the commercial register or Tax Card, an authorization letter from the authorized person at the company with signature verification should be attached. All documents are to be submitted at the Bank, and will be registered and sent to I-Score automated dispute system.

As per Central Bank of Egypt, dispute time -frame is twenty five (25) working days starting from the date of raising the dispute (fifteen (15) working days at credit grantor to check and reply whether the dispute raised is valid or invalid, and ten (10) working days at I-Score side to register and load the updated data in case of any rectifications needed).

Working hours for Dispute department is from 9 am till 4pm ( Sunday thru Thursday)

Smart village - Km 28 Cairo Alex desert road

Building B19 - Street No. 26

Second floor

Self Inquiry forms

 How long does the Negative List, Legal actions and closed facilities will be displayed in the Credit Report?

- Closed credit facilities appear on your report as historical data ( two years for good history and three years for negative history for credit facilities less than  one million Egp while it remains five years for five years for good history and ten years for negative history for credit facilities more than one million Egp) from the date of closure.

- Negative lists and legal actions continue to appear on your credit report as historical data for a period of six (6) months if the payment is full payment of debt or one (1)  year in case of re-scheduling payment of debt, and according to Central Bank of Egypt rules and regulations.


To get a copy of your credit report (self-inquiry) you may visit any branch of the banks in the photo below


In the downloads section you will find a document List of Banks and Companies which provide the Self Inquiry service.